16 de julho de 2009

Technologies And Decisions

I'll start to post in english (or try to), right now.

When I started my project I had to make decisions, import ones.

First, a programming language. And behind me there were Delphi (terrible), Python and Ruby.

I came to know about Python on Kurumin (Linux distro), I just had installed. So I read about it and I was wondering why Kurumin came within Python, and eventually I figured out that Linux community was walking toward Python. After many days of researching I finally chose Python, mainly for three reasons:
* its patent simplicity
* its indented block audacious feature
* its connection to Linux
* its promising future

Second step, I needed to choose beetween Windows and Linux. Well, this was easy, most developers dont want to become a hostage of Microsoft softs. I just had to choose a distro now. At Brazil at that time, everyone recommended Kurumin. And it was really beautiful. Good graphs etc. But fortunelly, I was looking forward, and unfortunelly Kurumin was entirely portuguese-oriented, wich I thought was a problem. Then, looking and reading, looking and reading, I was sure that Ubuntu was a very good option. Great! It became solid and very popular. Ubuntu's last release (9.04) is the most complete and stable Linux distro I've ever seen (and the most unstable was 7.09 -- for me).

As I chose Ubuntu, I picked up glade-pygtk as GUI.

And for database, unfortunelly I chose MySQL. It looked so enthusiasmatic at that time, but they started to become more and more closed, and it end up with Sun's acquistion.

Today, we're studying on how to migrate to Postgre.